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Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads
A group show inspired by 80's movies
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What the hell is a Gigawatt!? by Justin Van Genderen Live The Dream  by Will Arvin Cobra Kai Needs You by Greg Bunbury
Les Inadaptes by Will Arvin The Goblin King by Bruce White Claire by Johannah O'Donnell
It's Only Forever by John Larriva Kid Vader  by Ruel Pascual Fast Times by Cuyler Smith
Through Dangers Untold by John Larriva Die Hard by Ron Guyatt Fatal Attraction  by Jessamyn Patterson
As You Wish by Gene Guynn His Name is Atreyu (Original)  by Kim Herbst Teen Wolf by Famous When Dead
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid by Brandon Schaefer X-1 by Jaime Cervantes It's Showtime by Brad Hill
A Dull Boy by Brad Hill Barf by Brad Hill MacReady  by Brad Hill
Young Einstein  by Brandon Schaefer Phone Home by Tracie Ching Do you know what the street value of this mountain is? by Nigel Sanders
Good Cop, Bad Cop  by Liam Brazier Full Metal Jacket (Red) by Adam Maida It's So Bad by Clint Wilson
Blade Runner by Adam Juresko Fear is the Mind Killer  by Sean Dove Big Strong Hands by Kara Zisa
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