The Mashup Show
A pop culture take on history's famous artwork
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The Birth Of Venus De Omnibus Dubitandum Est Frida Del Rey
Matthew Grabelsky Will Arvin Fab Ciraolo
Black Magic Fox His Master's Voice Redux Slowdalisque
Adam Caldwell Tim O'Brien Bethany Marchman
Allegory of Mayhem Black Circle Wyeth's World
Vincent Cacciotti Drew Young Scott Listfield
The Spud Eaters The Girl With Pearl Earbud Study After Delaroche
KRK Ryden Aaron Jasinski Jeff Ramirez
Xernica Mäda Primavesi Will in Spectacle
Evan Lopez Ruben Ireland Brooke Grucella
Eric in Stripes The Broken Pitcher Odd Nerd Barbie "The Prancers"
Brooke Grucella Wednesday Kirwan Tracy Tomko
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