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Visions and Reflections
A group show featuring San Francisco and Bay Area artists
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Visions Of Invaders Saturn Return His Hands Were Tied
Serge Gay Jr. Monty  Guy Michael McConnell
The Oracle A Better Beetle for a Better Tomorrow, Today. Eclipse
Wednesday Kirwan Robert Bowen Leon Loucheur
Lilac Street Seeking Sight Wanderer Above the San Francisco Fog
Jessica  Hess Laura  Buss Shawn Cordeiro
Stockton and Pacific Tiny Tits Magnavox
Maggie  Engebretson Tracy Piper Eddie Colla
untitled Out of Sight Tat tvam asi
David  Young Marcos Lafarga Claudia Bicen
Alley Scraps Reflection: Death As The Mirror To Life The Leaders Vision
Alec Huxley Akira  Beard Adam Caldwell
Fauna of Mirrors Apparition Study Modern Man's Hustle
Kristen Adam Kristen van Diggelen Lisa Pisa
1977 3D Bunny Skates Blue Dropcick-kcikporD
Will Arvin Sean Murdock Nicole Hayden
Foundation Apparition #1 Omen
Michelle Fleck Megan  Wolfe Xiau Fong Wee
The Gun In Roses 0.5 The Great Inhaler ttyn (feat. L.Dunham/M.Teo/E.Villalba/E.Kresinger)
Lisa Alonzo Lee Roswell Kieran Collins
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